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Across our 10 world-class campuses, students learn to ask questions and push boundaries, transforming themselves and preparing to shape our collective future.

Goals for California

UC is on track to achieve an ambitious set of goals by 2030, including producing 20 percent more graduate and undergraduate degrees, for a total of 1.2 million degrees in just 15 years. We’re also increasing graduation rates, closing equity gaps and investing in faculty and research.

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Hands-on learning

Undergraduates at all campuses participate in research, creative projects, internships and service learning. This hands-on approach, a UC hallmark, engages students with the world, igniting new ideas, opening career opportunities and paying huge dividends for California.

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Undergraduate research

With unrivaled access to research, UC students collaborate with the some of world’s most brilliant minds, and they create and lead their own projects. At the UC Davis Bodega Marine Lab, undergraduate research helps shape our understanding of the ocean’s coast and climate.

Student working on a laptop in an art studio.

Creative projects

From writing to mediamaking, visual art, music, theater and more, UC undergrads are actively immersed in creative fields, generating their own original works and contributing to faculty projects. Meet a UC Berkeley art practice student using an honors studio to explore family history.

Mark Lin playing with slimey with a background of leaves.

Inventions and entrepreneurship

UC generates an average of four inventions a day, and six of our campuses made Pitchbook's Top 100 list for most undergraduate alumni startups. By fusing education and innovation, UC is helping forge the careers of entrepreneurs like Mark Lin, a UCLA student who has already conquered Shark Tank.

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Educating tomorrow’s leaders

UC is helping California meet the need for a highly skilled, college-educated workforce that reflects the vibrant diversity of our state. In fact, we just admitted the largest and most diverse class in California history.

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63,900 strong

UC’s 63,900 graduate students are an unmatched resource for the innovation and intellectual capital that keep the state on the leading edge. And UC graduate students are key in training the next generation of leaders, serving as teachers and mentors to more than 230,000 undergrads.

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Grad Slam

From designing new Covid vaccines to solving the climate crisis, UC graduate students spend years developing their research — and for bonus points, they can explain their world-changing discoveries in 3 minutes flat.

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